This and That Computer Rage


January 20, 2014
PASSWORDS: *&((^^$%I_)(*^@!#*)   

There are things in life that you just learn to believe in: the tooth fairy, the sock god, and now, the password scrambler.

I have a book as thick as WAR AND PEACE with changed passwords…and I can tell you it is mostly WAR!

First, I have to select a group of letters, symbols, whatever that I think I might have a prayer of remembering (an act of faith that I used to take for granted and is fast  diminishing even as I type.)  I get a very low grade: WEAK, WEAK, WEAK when I submit possibilities and a warning: do not use pet, mother’s maiden name, your name, your husband/children’s names, birth dates, etc., etc., and,  they give you an example of a strong password:  R7*LKJ%$#49QZ.   Right. that is going to roll right off my fingertips every time I try to open up whatever file it is that demands my password which is everything. I am always careful to check the “remember me” button with the wild hope that I’ll just have to click my “login” box. Right?  Yeah!

Now that devil, SCRAMBLER, doesn’t go to work immediately.  No, he lulls me into believing all is well for a couple of weeks and then!!!!  Up comes that little red box that tells me that my User Name and/or Password is incorrect!  I have done nothing…notta…but SCRAMBLER has invaded.

What the…I go through all my possible passwords that I have dutifully noted in my bulging “Password Folder” and after about the 5th try I’m locked out!  Hell!  Damn! and Spit!

I think it is Steve Jobs’ or maybe Bill Gates’ idea of a joke, especially since I have learned that nothing is private on the computer, that there are hacks that can get in no matter what…point in case.   I innocently created this blog that probably is of no interest to anybody.  The first time I open my “comment” section I find 50, growing quickly to larger numbers, of strange symbols which my blogging teacher informs me are SPAM and to delete them all no matter what “nice” things they say about my page. So much for “communicating” with my readers, all one of them, my husband.

Next, I find someone is “posting” on my Blog selling all kinds of things (unmentionables) with pages and pages eating up my memory banks. If I thought the “comment” SPAM was bad, I hated the “Posting” SPAM.

Now I have had to subscribe to a company that will “protect” me from all that stuff.  It ain’t cheap!  Somewhere there must be fine print in a black box: WARNING:   COMPUTERS ARE DETRIMENTAL TO YOUR SANITY.

This is but a brief note of my computer woes…more later

  • By Pat Engebrecht, January 30, 2014 @ 9:51 PM

    For all those who have experienced computer rage, my sympathies…

  • By Jodi Engebrecht, February 5, 2014 @ 6:42 PM

    I like the lady with the gun pointed at the computer. Haven’t we all felt that way at one time or the other?

  • By Pat Engebrecht, February 6, 2014 @ 2:45 AM

    Thanks…it looks like it is working. Just got to get going on the SEO aspect of a blog

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