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Ode to LauraJo



Pat Engebrecht


Born on the season’s cusp
Eyes yellow-green
The color of summer days.

Hair.  Tendrils of curls
Touched by the sun,
 Shimmering corn silk
As the season ripened.

Thunder storms echoed warnings.
Brushed aside,
Taking life in stride.

Music and dance,
Living in a trance of normalcy.
The days shortened
With winnings and songs.

The darkness cast shadows denied.
On strength and talent

Somewhere deep
The monster grew
Eating away the heart
That was you.

You battled fiercely,
A fire-spitting dragon.
Cried to the Gods…

But the demon kept dragging
You down into its den of destruction
Until there was no resurrection.

I believe in the depth of my heart
It did not get your soul. 

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