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October 2013

We rescued you ten years ago when you were five.
Rejected twice, your doubt lay open as you ran away
Not listening to our call.

Hair unkempt, no house manners, humping all legs.
Chasing birds into the bay, we caught you by boat
Swimming in water over your head.

Champagne hair matted beyond the comb, so you
Were shorn down to the skin which embarrassed
You, of course.

With time your running paused, you stopped to see
If we were there.  You would not sit upon our lap,
Haughtily, you sat on the floor and stared.

A small lion, Lhasa Apso,  the vet said, ancestor of
Regal lineage.  More cat than dog, eyes round and black,
Lower jaw thrust forward, teeth ragged in attack.

Day by day we learned to live, you with us and us with you.
You learned to come when we called.  We received your
Scolding loud and clear when left alone too long.

You rode in my bicycle basket surveying lowly dogs
Who ran beside yapping––you ignored, ears flapping.
You slept on our bed, of course.

You never begged, just made yourself “available” at
The table which was rewarded, of course.  Steak was
Your food of choice, and “Beggen Strips” if you were good.

The years slipped by, you by our side––by car or  plane.
Your ears were scratched, you pawed for more, we
Spoiled you with our love and affection.

The years dulled your play, you slept on the floor no
Longer able to jump on the bed.  We watched you fade,
A sadness played, aching in our hearts.

We scratched, more gently now, your whimper echoed as
You moved.  Now fifteen, with ripe old age our laps became
Your bed of choice, a softness whispered in our voice.

A love affair to be remembered always in our hearts.  You’ve
Gone to rest.  I put away chewed toys, give away cans of
Food left on the shelf and whimper to myself.

You will always be our love, Ziggy.







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