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At night I lay me down to sleep

 The pillow soft beneath my cheek 


I snuggle warm into my bed

             I try not to think

                                                            Try not to weep

                                          For all those who cannot sleep


air born drones

 Who fear the drones overhead

The terror across the

   World we spread

                     In the guise of peace.


   War on terror is

     What we claim

drone button

     Killing by another name

Disguising greed.

We’re all insane

To believe.


          It started in the

            Very beginning

          Cane and Able

Cane killing able

             Doing the killing.

          God overlooked

             This genetic flaw

          Looked at his creation

             With awe…

           Said that it was good.



Cannot he look atrose heart

Us and see

That peaceful and

Loving we will not be?





     The killing gene…


         Sticks and stones                       caveman with club

      Broke our bones

            Then came

      Bows and arrows.



Out came the knives

The blood flows

hand knife


Insanity grows

tough-guy-pilgrim-gun-hat-graphic-27133219Gunpowder was



           Then we flew like birds

            Peace just a word.

          On the black– winged crows                  Black-Hawk-Bombing-Run-(Dropping-Bombs)

                  The killing grows

               Bombs blowing us away.



The mushroom cloud


Silenced the crowd

With threats of annihilation

Man thought a while

Then began to smile.



          The Gods–yours and mine

               Were at fault

          From the beginning.


           They gave us a gene

              That was obscene…

           All about winning.




Our children will continue

The fight

woman gunWomen joining

For might makes right…

Not a word about sinning.






          You wonder why

             I cannot sleep?

          You wonder why

               It is I weep?


Is God so  blind

He cannot see

What a mess

He’s made of me.



          Or is it just evolution

               Our destroying,

         Our pollution?  It seems

               To me that  God is sleeping

         Doesn’t hear my cry, my weeping.


Cannot see that all


is and alwaysfaith hope and love

Will be blind

To LOVE  being the answer.




    Fear is the cancer gene.

            Is life becoming obscene?

                    Yet we cling.

bird at sunset Jodi

And for just a moment

As the sun goes down

The din quiets

I look around.

          The birds settle into

             Their nests

                                                 He holds his child

To his breastman embracing child



 Sea and birds Jodi

 The waves murmur

            Against the shore

And I dream

It’s just an illusion

This thing called war.



peace birdPEACE


          All is quiet, the night clings

             I arise…quiet breathing

                    As he sleeps.

         The floor boards creak.

I click a switchAnimated-fire-1-lighting-stuff-on-fire-973753_650_520

The fireplace burns,

No wood to chop

Or carry in,

No lamp to light

                                                            Stop worrying.


           A fireman rescues

              A cat in a tree

Fireman cat tree 2

         I look for my glasses

             So I can seesunburst-dandelion_2568286

        The sun’s soft glow.

            Another day.

       The waves wrinkle

           Across the bay,


waves on Bay


Trees hushed  awaiting

The sun’s first ray.rising sun tree

The birds return,

            Feed along the shore,

birds on shore                                      The coffee perks

                                       The dog snores.


          The paper lies outside the door.

The headlines?



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