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He steps out into traffic (brave soul) waving this red light and pointing at me.  Confused?  I stopped of course (didn’t want to hit him.)  His waving toward the parking lot became more emphatic as he pointed at me.

I comply pulling up next to his hidden motorcycle.  Sneaky.   First time I’ve had to stop for a man in the bushes.  Naturally I roll down the window, he leans in while I’m opening my purse rummaging for my license.

“Your license, car registration and insurance form, Mam.”  Car registration?  The license was easy.  Car registration?  Must be in the glove compartment.  I pull out a mass of documents, sort through and with hesitancy, hand him one.

“This?”  He takes the document, glances, hands it back.
“No, Mam, that’s your bill of sale for the vehicle,”
“No, Mam, that’s your oil-change schedule.”
“This?”  He’s very patient.  We go through sundry documents.
“Oh, wait, this?”  I hand him a small square document.  He smiles, takes it.
“Now your certificate of insurance.”
“Oh dear, what does it look like?”  He’s still smiling.
“Small card.  Allstate, State Farm…” and he names a few more companies.
“Oh, how abut Liberty Mutual?” And I hand him the card.
“Lady, this expired in 2010.”
“Wait, how about this one?”
“2011, but we’re getting closer.”
“I’ll call my husband, Sir.”  No answer.  Cell phone…can’t remember the number.  Call my daughter-in-law in New York.  She gives me the number.  No answer.

POLICE MOTORCYCLEAs you can imagine, some time has passed.  The policeman comes over with some yellow forms he’s been filling out.  “Are you taking me to jail?”  I was only half joking.

“No,  Mam.  I’ve lowered your speed (42 in a 30 mile zone) to 39 so that it will only cost you $131 instead of $230.  No certificate of insurance will cost you $110 but if you take a copy of your certificate, when you find it, and take it to the County Court House,  you do know where that is?”


“It’s on Manatee…” he stops, “The address is there on the form, Mam.  If you take it in within the next 30 days, it will only cost you $10.”

“You are so patient, so nice…how come?  You like my crazy hat , or maybe it’s my smile? Maybe you feel sorry for me because I’m brain dead…?

“No, I’d have to take you in for sure if I thought that,” and he hands me all his official papers.   He had such a nice smile.  He goes back out into the hedgerow awaiting to surprise his next law breaker.

Oh, did I mention he was young and I was old, he was black and I was white?

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