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I pulled the Christmas cards from the mail box not paying a lot of attention to them–multiple colored envelopes, some hand written, some stamped.  This one caught my eye.  I noticed it was from my sister, Bev who just turned 84 and has been known to get things mixed up now and then.  So?  The address on this card is where we lived FOURTEEN years ago. Yes, I have written to her, called her the past years–she has even visited us here on Tidy.  The envelope showed no  “return to sender”, no “forward to” with our present address.  Nothing but the address written as shown.

How many hands did this card go through from its Arizona launch?  How many wings flew it across country? How many people/machines sorted it?  How did it get onto the right truck to be delivered to Tidy Island?

Computer wizardry?  White pages?  Of course, but why wasn’t there the usual change–of-address  sticker applied by the kind person who took the time to find us so that  the next person handling it would know/or the machine would know, or…ahhh, sticker probably fell off.  I examined the letter closely, no tell tale sign of dried glue.

I’m a sucker for “miracles.”  Had a lot of them in my life so this is my Christmas Miracle.  By the way, I’ve written to my sister, Bev, in LARGE FONT to update her address book, and for you who don’t believe in miracles, never, I mean NEVER complain about the inefficiency of the U.S. Post Office.

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